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O'Saurus Studios

Call of the Golden Valley: A foggy, golden forest with a shadowy figure disappearing into the distance.

A childhood friend has disappeared into the remote wilderness of Australia.

Is it a simple case of her not wanting to be found, or is there something strange happening?

Some rainy farmland with trees and mountains in the background

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About O’Saurus Studios

O’Saurus Studios is a small Melbourne-based indie games studio led by Maddy Clute.

For our games, we love focusing on unconventional narratives, environmental storytelling in unique settings, and exploring the psychology of interesting characters. For our studio, we value the unique perspectives and talents that diversity brings.

O’Saurus Studios is currently working on their first game, Call of the Golden Valley, a first-person, female-protagonist mystery game set in the High Country of Victoria.

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Our Team

Maddy Clute

Founder and Creative Director

Entering into games from a software career, working for Google in New York City and Sydney across a wide range of products from Google Maps to data centres in both technical and management roles. Always having had a strong passion for art and storytelling, she decided to try her hand at game development and hasn’t looked back.

Ben Houghton

Music and Audio

Bringing over 5 years of experience working across games, film, theatre, podcasts and more, Ben has a passion for storytelling and creating a musical thread for the audience to follow. Keep watch of how he’ll bring the sounds of the Australian bush to your homes.

Yee Hui Wong

3D Art & Animation

When Yee isn’t working as an animator on Trash for Bin Chicken Studios, she’s over with us using her 3D artistic talents to bring our small town setting to life. With two award winning short films already under her belt, we look forward to seeing our story brought visually alive.

Rhiannon Poley

Social Media and Marketing

As an advocate of regional artistic communities with Regional Arts Victoria, Rhiannon gets to combine this with her games marketing knowledge to share the charm and mystery of Call of the Golden Valley with the world.

Nick Loki

Additional Programming & Design

Bringing the experience of having co-founded his own indie studio, Nick crafts puzzles, untangles our UI/UX, and improves the gameplay experience. Having grown up in the mountains himself, Nick brings his love for the bush into everything he does for Call of the Golden Valley.

Ahliyah Jennette

2D Illustration

Being an avid enjoyer of story-rich mystery games and love for all things Australian wildlife and nature, Ahliyah pairs her expertise in 2D digital illustration and gaming in Call of the Golden Valley.

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